Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I wrote... honestly, I'm having trouble figuring out what to write here anymore. I work, I eat, I sleep, rinse, repeat... which doesn't lend itself too well to regular interesting blogs! BUT.... since it's been so long, I actually do have a few things to write about!

Work is going well. Most days are fun, even though since it's winter we are getting really busy. I knew I'd be seeing a lot of patients, but maaaan.. on a typical "busy" day (usually Mondays and Tuesdays), I see about 18-20 patients in the morning and then 22-25 in the afternoons. Some days I also work through lunch, but usually selfishly, cause if you work through lunch they buy and bring you food, but you have to wolf it down, sometimes sneaking a few bites in between patients. Those days aren't that fun. It's much better when you get to slow down and play and laugh with your patients... Here is one particularly funny encounter that I want to record here primarily so I won't forget it:

I walk into the exam room for a "two-fer" checkup, a 2 month old baby and his 18 month old brother. In the room are the 2 little ones, their mom, and their 5 and 7 year old brothers. Yes, this momma has her hands full! Anyway, I walk in and the hilarity ensued...

Me: Hey ya'll...I'm Dr. Williams. Nice to meet you!
Mom: But you're so old are you?
Me (faking embarassement, cause I get this question so much that it can't truly embarrass me anymore...): Oh, thank you! I'm old enough, I assure you!
Mom: No old are you?
Me: Well, I'm 29...
7yr old: She's older than Daddy!!!
(We all laugh...)

Part two of the funniness of this encounter... I squat down to get the baby out of his carseat. 5 year old brother crouches down with me, watching my every move like a hawk...
Me: Oh, look what big brown eyes he has!
5yr old: Yeah...he also got a big brown belly!
7yr old: He got that from Momma!!
(We all laugh, including the momma, and I try not to choke on the bite of lunch I had before walking in the room....)

That has been my funniest moment so far in the clinic. The next day I had another entertaining moment, also involving a several month old baby... he was all smiles at me, and cuter than cute! I walked my fingers up his pudgy little belly and chest and chin, and then pushed his little nose like a button, saying "boop!" Right at the "boop" moment though, that sweet little baby pooted, right on cue! Hysterical!

That's enough about work... other than that every day brings a new challenge and something new to learn. And I'm having fun! And you know what...I think I'm done writing for now. I've got more to say, but I'm tired! Hopefully, I'll get back to this sooner rather than later...