Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spit-Shine Sprint

I think housework is the reason most women go to the office. ~Heloise Cruse

How much housework can one do in 60 minutes? That was my question after I got a (rare, unfortunately) call from Jamie, our realtor, saying that someone had called and wanted to see our house... in an hour. Now, our house has been on the market for about 5 months now, and very very few people have looked at it, especially when it's not an open house, so of course I hopped up and the challenge began. I've been keeping it pretty neat, but let's face it, I never expect anyone to come look anymore really, so I've stopped making the bed as soon as I roll out of it, and there are times that dusting wouldn't hurt. That's not to mention all the papers, pens, highlighters, books, notebooks, index cards, and other study paraphernalia that is taking over all available tabletops as I try to get all the information to take over my brain... so anyway, in 45 minutes, I succeeded in the following: clearing off a dining room table and coffee table full of the afore mentioned study material and stacking it nicely in my closet, making the bed, taking out 3 trashcans of trash, scrubbing the bathtub, stashing most of the stuff on my bathroom countertop in it's drawers, changing out the hand towel, putting my used towel in the hamper and squishing down all the laundry so as to make the hamper look less overflowing, hanging up some clothes that had been draped over the rod instead of hung properly, moving the cat litter box and food and water bowls out of the laundry room and into the garage, sweeping and vacuuming the laundry room floor, getting a new air freshener out and plugged in, opening every blind in the house, turning on every light in the house, lint rolling the navy blue couch upstairs that the cats have claimed as their personal lounging spot, rearranging the pillows on the upstairs bed, made a neat stack of the (not very many) papers on Ron's desk, wiping down the sink, cleaning off the chalkboard and washing it down, stacking the mail neatly and then hiding it, throwing out the last sliver of the strawberry cake and cramming the cake stand in the (almost full already) dishwasher, trimming the dead flower remains off my plant that died outside, wiping the dirt and pollen off the outside table and chair set, sweeping off the side porch, sweeping the front porch and front walk, lighting two candles, and putting the TV on one of the quiet background music channels. And a partridge in a pear tree.

If you read all that, you need a rest, cause I sure did after doing it all... and all for naught, cause in the end, they.... one guess..... wanted a bigger yard. Listen people, this is a cottage with a courtyard. It says that on the internet MLS site, it says that on the flyer, if you've driven by, you can SEE our lack of yard... and in addition, if you'll scroll down and read my post from a few weeks ago, entitled "The Grass is Always Greener" you will see that a big yard is overrated and way too much work. We have plenty of space in the courtyard and small (but quite sufficient) yard to exercise your green thumb and let your dog go potty, and this neighborhood has several playgrounds, a gym, a swimming pool, a lake, miles of hiking trails, boulders to rock climb on, and plenty of activities to keep you otherwise entertained. What more could you want?? We'll give you a good deal!

So anyway, now I'm back to sitting on my couch with my buddies, contemplating just what we're gonna do if this house never sells... other than cry that is.

Silver lining? My house is lookin' good!!

They're sure housework won't kill you, but why take the risk? Author Unknown